Walking Tours

Andrew has lead bespoke walking tours of Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Craigavon for a diverse range of people and organisations such as Ulster University, Queens University, European Heritage Open Days, PLACE, the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, the council of the Royal Institute of British Architects,the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

He will be leading my 'Myths of Belfast' walking tour throughout the summer. The next tour leaves from PLACE, Lower Garfield Street at 11am on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Mapping Belfast - 1hr - leaves from Belfast City Hall

This tour examines some of the developmental milestones in the history of the city of Belfast. From the hubris of Elizabethan cartographers, the short-lived success of Victorian civics, the unrealised Edwardian ambitions for the city centre and the reasons behind the decision to force a motorway through once thriving inner-city neighbourhoods.

Sailortown, The Lost Quarter - 1hr - leaves from the Harbour Commissioner's, Corporation Sq

A walk through the lost quarter of Sailortown, this tour examines the impact high-minded urban theories has had on the citizens of Belfast. Depending on availability and notice provided, access to St Joseph's Church in Sailortown can be arranged.

Myths of Belfast - 2hrs - leaves from Belfast City Hall, front gates

This walking tour - created to accompany my doctoral research film Myths of Belfast - combines the Mapping Belfast and Sailortown tours detailed above. 

Queens Conservation Area - 1hr - leaves from the RSUA, 2 Mount Charles

Developed for the RSUA as part of the European Heritage Open Days, this tour takes in some of the key listed buildings in the Queens Conservation Area with a focus on exemplary conservation work being conducted in the area. Depending on availability and notice provided, access to the Lynn Library in Queens University can be arranged.

Central Belfast - 1.5 hours - leaves from Belfast City Hall, front gates

Developed for the RIBA council on their first visit to Belfast, this tour provides an overview of the fantastic architecture of centre of the city. Touching on the broad range of high Victorian architecture, the tour also looks at the scattered examples of Georgian architecture along with more contemporary buildings such as Castlecourt, the Bar Library and the MAC.