Notes on Charles Brett's 'Buildings of Belfast: 1700-1914'

Chapters indicated as follows - 
1 THE GEORGIAN TOWN 1700-1800 (Blue)
2 LATE GEORGIAN TOWN 1800-1837 (Red)
3 THE LOW VICTORIAN ERA 1837-1867 (Green)
4 THE HIGH VICTORIAN ERA 1867-1900 (Yellow)
5 THE EDWARDIAN CITY 1900-1914 (Purple)

This is a map created while reading Charles Brett's 'Buildings of Belfast 1700-1914,' which, written in 1967, was the first in depth volume on Belfast's architecture. Each marker corresponds to a building mentioned in the book, with a note on whether the building still exists. Some of Brett's comments are also noted, along with the bibliographic reference.