Dr Andrew Molloy

Andrew is a Part 2 Architect based in Belfast currently undertaking his professional Part 3 studies at Alastair Coey Architects, a practice specialising in conservation architecture. He obtained an undergraduate architecture degree in 2008 and a Masters of Architecture in 2012, both from Ulster University. He is a regular contributor to the LSE Review of Books.

In 2017 Andrew was awarded a doctorate, over the course of which he developed a mixed methodology - drawn largely from art practice - for interrogating the City and the nature of urban identity for architects, planners, legislators and concerned citizens. Using his home city of Belfast as a testing ground for these ideas, Andrew also uncovered a narrative relating to the planning and development of city.

This website was established to present portions of this work and make it accessible to anyone who might find it interesting or useful. Andrew's ongoing work with the NI Rats is also presented here. There is also a selection of his under/postgrad work along with various odds and ends which will be added to as the site grows and develops.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to know more about Andrew's work, please feel free to contact him on Twitter or Instagram. For more formal or lengthy enquiries drop him an email.